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I am looking for an add-on of the ME-163. If it had an all red paint job it would be a plus. If not I can paint it.

If anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know

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do you mean the me 168 from WW2 if it is go to WW2 dowloadable aircraft for FS9

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I need a ME-163, this is why.......

I am a sysop in an online flight game, Fighter Ace. In the game the Sysops have access to and fly the ME-163 complete with custon decals.

I wanted to duplicate that plane for use in FS2004. I have found a lot of planes, but not the 163.

Of course I will take any plane I can find! I would also like to find a Yak-9U to reskin. I have a friend who owns one of the only 7 flying in the world and wanted to do that one up also.

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The problem with most CFS aircraft is when you get them to Flight Sim 2004 the landing gear or some other parts are missing, they don't make the transition too well. The ones made with GMAX have the best chance for transition.
Click on the screenshots to download.

There are 4 old 163's at if you can contact the designer of them he might be able to help.
Just feed the name"Messerschmitt Me 163" into the search engine. If you just feed in "Messerschmitt" you'll find plenty. You can sign up free and wait for a slow time to get in.

Found this also.
Combat Flight Simulator - CFS3 Aircraft
CFS3 Messerschmitt ME334

[ Download | View ]
Name: Size: 1,183,566 Date: 06-16-2003 Downloads: 1682
CFS3 Messerschmitt ME334 v1.0 beta. The Me 334 was a design for a small tailless fighter, based on the wings of the Me 163, but with a a Daimler Benz DB 605 pusher piston engine instead of the rocket engine of the Me 163. It was never actually built. The wings would have been mounted mid-fuselage and swept back at a 23.4 degree angle. This sim version has more power and is armed with both cannon and machine guns and rocket loadoats, fully animated, multi-resolution. By Eric Preston.


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