Active camera?

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My parents finally agreed to buy me this tool today. But there are already lots of flaws! First of all, when I click Keys..., the screen turns blank and I am having to restart the whole game again, The flyby view is not even that effective. I am also not able to edit the view settings, I dont have the no-cd patch or the new flight simulator patch

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very strange, i downloaded the freebe version, and whilst i wasn't that impressed, i never had the strange problems that you have got.

Have you updated all of your graphics drivers etc? I know that your fs9 views may have worked beforehand, but sometimes it is the extras that bring out the Driver problems!!

Micah 😉

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SoCalRick First Officer

Micah, the free version is rock solid but it has no where near as many features of the full version, which, yes, has many known bugs. It's glitchy. A lot of AC users are migrating to "Walk & Follow" which is said to be more robust and have more features sill than AC.

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