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hey all I need to know where I can get some Delta, Southwest, Airtran, and Contenental airlines for free if any of you all know where I can get them for free please tell me im desperate. and I need to know where I can get some AI traffic.

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Also try these:
IFDG (Now closed)downloadmain.php

And as I have said to you recently, www.deltava.org are the best for Delta Ailines liveries as it is their virtual airline. 😉

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I almost skipped this topic because the subject title "hi" was so vague, but since I like JarJar I decided to poke my head in. (All those in favor of descriptive titles say "Aye!")

JarJar, avsim.com has gobs of everything, and there's an option in their search engine to limit your searches to repaints, or original aircraft, or AI.

Okay, back on topic: "Hi!" 😉

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I think the websites from the virtual airlines offer great links of their airplanes 😀ELTA etc...

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