Anyone have the Maam B-25?

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If so, what do you think of it. Am thinking of buying it if I hear good reports. Have yet to get an airplane with accurate radial engine sounds. Hope the B-25 delivers.

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I purchased it over a year ago. It is incredibly well-designed and is supplied with an enormous amount of instructional and fun files. The original WWII-era flight manual is included. The graphics are stunningly lifelike, and the flight characteristics are *assumed* to be like the real thing. I have logged easily 500 hours in the plane, trying to learn the basics to join a B25 flight crew, hangared at Georgetown, TX muni airport (the Devil Dog, a former USMC PBJ). If you like WWII bomber sims, this is top notch, and well worth the money. CAF Colonel JEP

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