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ok this has been hapening for a while now when i set AP and alt. holder and wing leveler for 20 min. i have a steady alt. climb descent or cruise but then im in the cockpit and then BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP and it gets faster and faster and i look at my instermants and they are all going off the charts 10 clicks above stall point vertical incline so then i go into evasive manuvering turn off all AP and by this time my joystick is going crazy because i can`t even hold it its shaking can`t get a steady roll out THEN stall my plane is fallin flaps that are set are set to 0% engine turbines 100% and im at an alt. of 38 thousand feet and i can`t recover in time so i crash

help would be greatly be aprieciated

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JarJarBinks wrote:

i have a steady alt. climb descent or cruise

That kind of makes a difference because if you are climbing your angle of attack could be too high so you stall. If you are descending then there is no reason for this to happen unless you have an unusually low speed. This is similar to the cruise. I don't know why the aircraft would stall whilst cruising if altitude and speed is being maintained Dont Know. As long as the aircraft is "clean" i.e. there are no flaps, gear or spoilers extended or slats at cruising altitude then the aircraft should be fine. Otherwise, it is something AP is doing to the aircraft so make sure everything is set normally and that the FD is not showing anything wayward. Maybe someone else can suggest something


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Jar Jar, you can't use the Alt hold and Wing leveler modes on an Autopilot all the way through the climb.

If you do this, then the plane will stall at a certain altitude, as it will no longer be able to climb at the rate that you've "Held" on the AP.

This is why APs have various climbing modes.... some climb according to a (forward) airspeed, some according to Vetical speed, etc...

As an aircraft climbs, it needs to lower it's climb rate.... due to changes in air pressure and density, it can no longer climb at 30,000 feet, at the rate that it was climbing shortly after take-off.

So if you want to use the alt and wing hold modes shortly after take-off, you should switch over to say 'Vertical Speed' (V/S) from about 10,000 and gradually reduce the climb rate as you ascend.

Hope I've understood what was happening and that this helps. It certainly sounded like a stall that you were experiencing.

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ok im still out of town i should be home tomarow i kinda just thought of the prob. so thanks guys.

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