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Dear Fellow Simmers,

Since I started flying online a couple of months ago I have started to compile my flightplans on a word document which I must refer to each time I want to fly. A thought occured to me tonight Idea what if I could place my flightplans in the Kneeboard and refer to them any time I was in the cockpit? I could then throw away my old clipboard?

Would any of my Forum colleagues know if this is possible and better still,how this might be done?

kindest regards


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Maybe I'm missing something here, but when you use the Flight Planner and FS09, it automatically places the flight plan in the kneeboard. Why are you doing it in Word?


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Save it as a .html file


in the Learning Center, there's a tutorial on how to create an entire flight, including custom briefings, flightplans, and everything! Look for that, that'll reallly help you out!

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Thanks Fire_Emblem_Master but the tutorial relates to creating Briefings for a specific "Saved Flight". You are right insofar as creating a HTML doc but I'm not sure where to place this file.

Guest, I'm creating my own flightplans for online flying outside of FS9 with FSNAV and need to refer to them at the point where I am actually filing the plan itself with Vatsim or IVAO in the cockpit. I've tried exporting but the SIDS and STARS don't appear as they should on the data.The exported plan also shows all waypoints instead of High/Low Alt airways connecting multiple waypoints.

kindest regards


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I had a feeling I might have to go solo on this one. So for anyone who wants to have all their Online flight plans accessable from their kneeboard this is what I did.

1) I knew firstly I'd have to create a HTML file but did'nt know how to create one so I Googled it and came up with this simple tutorial:

Once I had my flightplans in my HTML file(via Notepad) the question was where to put the file so it appeared in the kneeboard. I went to the default aircraft folders and saw that the Reference and Checklist HTML files for Cessna 172(B737-400 etc) were in the each of the specific "Aircraft" folders along with the Model/Panel/Sound/Texture folders and CFG and AIR files.I Installed my new HTML file into the Aircraft folders that I fly. Almost Home!

I then opened the Aircaft cfg of each of these folders and looked for the following line:


Watch out though.Some Addon aircraft don't have a kb_reference= line in their cfg.

Since I never use the reference page of the Kneeboard I decided that this would be the page I would use for my flightplans.
I changed the above to look like this:


super83_ref being the name I had given to my new HTML file but you could call your HTML file anything you like. BINGO:groupwave:

I can't imagine this tweak being of value to anyone who does'nt fly IFR online where detailed flightplans are mandatory.For those who do,it enables them to dispose of their Clipboards(the wooden ones!) and their notepads(the paper ones!)

And it looks COOL!

I would love to hear from someone who has tried it and likes it.In the meantime its pints for me 🍻


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I personally hate the flight plan the the sim puts out.

Try out It's free to register and you can get a nicer looking flight plan that is kneeboard size printed right from the website.

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