Another fault... ATC?

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A couple of times, most recently just now, I've sat holding after taxiing, just short of the runway on instruction from ATC. But they never give me clearance. I put the simulaiton on fast time and gave up after 40 mins sitting there. Anyone else had this?


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That did happend to me once, after waiting 10 min I checked my kneeboard to see if I got the right message from ATC, They had asked me to 'taxi in to position and hold' which ment taxi unto the runway, and when I did I was given clearence for take off. you may have got the same message.

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I have found that sometimes the sim just glitches and atc just will not go to the next step. No reason really. Some sort of plague must have hit the tower I guess. Poor devils! 😂

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For Horrgakx:
1. Did you switch to the TOWER frequency and ask for takeoff clearance?
I'm not underestimating you... but sometimes people think that if GROUND control issues a clearance to hold short of a runway, it means you shouldn't switch to TOWER control until you are near the runway and instructed to switch to TOWER control.
2. There are some airports that have long runways and only few taxiways along the runway. When an aircraft lands, it will slow down immediately to taxiing speed until it finds an "exit taxiway". When you have only one taxiway at the far end of the runway, it could last forever!!! I have had a few incidents...
3. I remember one incident when I was in the line for takeoff, and there was only one aircraft in front of me. The runway was clear, final was clear, and it just wouldn't takeoff!!! I had to go around it and takeoff (with the TOWER's clearance of course).

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I think there may be a glitch because its happened to me also.
patw has the answer in useing the Knee board (I use it a lot now and find it quite usefull as im either going deaf or ATC are on the bottle)
However I have added a lot of add ons including sound files to Fs9 and am wondering one of these may be causing a conflict

Has any of you added sound files? Still..........we have a work around in the kneeboard

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There are times when you will come face to face with another airplane and you will have to manuver around it. The game is not perfect. When that happens I just taxi around the other aircraft and after clearing it, atc will kick in again and let me continue taxi. Otherwise the two planes would sit staring at each other until the fuel ran out. 😂

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