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Not sure if this was the right place to put this but, anyone think Microsoft will make a Ship Simulator? (or any company for that matter) I know i would buy it the second it came out.

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Have a look here ➡

And here ➡

Not the big ships that I think you want,but here is a link to a training sim for captains ➡

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The VSTEP is neat. too bad you can't actually use it.

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This was my idea....What i thought was, instead of being a Simulator (which kind of defeats the point) where all you do is just sail around is this. Say you start out with some small ship and buy goods at your home port. You must then sail to other ports world wide and sell the goods you bought for more and make a profit. As you do this, you can buy better equipment for your ship and upgrades for it, you would encounter storms, and such at sea. It probably doesn't sound that interesting to most people but i think it would be quite enjoyable, seeing as how i love the ocean and anything to do with it. Just a thought

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TTT thanks for finding this. I never thought that about something like this. It's not exactly flight sim material but the full sim may be better. For now I'll play with the demo.
That Bennett boat simulator demo is a kick. I even got a sunburn playing with it. 😳



If you just want to sail a ship then there quite a few in Avsim for FS2004 - wheelhouse and controls -
Just enter "cargo Ian Thatcher" in the Avsim Library file Search

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