Adding new aicraft to MS FS 2004

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Can sks please advise a newcomer how to add new aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?

I expect that some aircraft designed for MS FS 2002 will work in MS FS 2004.

I have downloaded and un-zipped a file from

This download is for the WWII Hawker Huricane.

I hope someone can help

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just unzip the a/c into ur aircraft folder and thats it.
Daniel Counahan

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Cheers Onad, thanks for your reply.

I un-zipped the files into the "Aircraft" folder but the problem was what to do next. The instructions that came with the "Hurricane" download state:-

Extract the contents of the zip to a temporary folder on the desktop and discard the folder labelled Hurricane ‘LED’AI which is only for CFS2.

Overwrite the Aircraft CFG, panel and sounds in the remaining ‘LED’ folder with the contents of the FS2002 parts folder and then place the ‘LED’ folder into the FS2002 aircraft folder and its ready to fly.

The panel & sounds default to the stock Corsair panel but as for all FS/CFS aircraft you may change/alias or substitute the files if required (eg use the Cessna’s ), see the major sites for tutorials.

As for FS98:- i.e. G toggles the Gear and L toggles the nav lights for use at night. The first flap notch opens the canopy.

Thanks to Abacus's AF 99 and KK's superb animator the aircraft has been built with moving parts including the pilot & control surfaces, flaps, U/C, prop.

Enjoy the flight, E & R ALLEN 10/05/2002>

I am wondering if I have to substitute the Cessna's *.cfg files with the "Hurricanes" *.cfg files.

When I load FS 2004 and go to change aircraft the "Hurricane" is not listed. Only the aircraft supplied by Microsoft are there and there are no instructions on how to load additional aircraft into FS 2004.

Being a newbie to this game I am at a loss how to proceed.

I hope that you, or some other kind soul can help

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Hi All,

Well I managed it, unfortunately the plane is not fully supported in FS 2004 and causes the view to shimmer.

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Thanks for the link. I downloaded the HAWKER HURRICANE Mk I 'LK-A' P2798 and it works like a charm in fs9.
If I can find a B17 and a f4u Corsair for for fs9 I'll be in "hog heaven".

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