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I am new to flight simming. While flying, I always here other planes getting told to go to a certain heading and expect vectors ILS and the runway number when they are landing. For me, this does not happen. Do I need to download this ? If so, could someone point me in the right direction. would be greatly appreciated.


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When you press the ~ key you get ATC. They give you a selection, you have to choose your airport and keep choosing (pressing the numbers of your choice from the opaque menu they put up on your screen) so they know you are there. Then they will say your tail number (identify you) and follow their instructions.
The way your doing it now, your just listening not participating with ATC.

I'm far from an expert, I hope someone will come along and describe it carefully to you.



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Prior to take off or any time durring the flight you can file an IFR flight plan. The controlers will then track your flight. Help you stay on course and then when you are approaching your destination give you vectors to the active runway etc.

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