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Becoming a commercial pilot.......

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I was wondering, could someone tell me the steps you have to take to become a commercial pilot, i.e. what exams etc, or a good site that has it on.

Thanks a lot 😀

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I see you are in the UK which is where I did my training so here's a basic insight into what hoops one must jump through. Good book available most probably from "Transair" Clive Hughes: Guide to becoming a professional pilot. Firstly Aviation is expensive it cost me about 35K that was some time ago. First thing to do is make sure you can get a Class 1 medical which is/was carried out at CAA HQ in Gatwick. No point in aiming to be a pilot if you can't get the medical I think it cost about 500 for the initial cheaper thereafter and can be done by an AME local to you. (my last one cost about 100 but it depends as some years you need audiogram, ECG etc) Every pilot starts out by doing the Private Pilots License I think it's about 45 hours training (at least) and within the syllabus there were at the time something like 7 exams. Good thing is all exams are multiple choice! Exams were Air law, Navigation, Human performance, Aircraft technical others long forgotten! You can if you like add ratings to the PPL such as night (so you can fly at night) IMC allows you to fly in less vis, multi allows you to take the "Beech baron" out for a spin. Next step once you have x hours think its about 100 solo is to battle through the ATPL exams. When I did them there were 14? I am thick so it was difficult....was also working full time to fund my ambition. Looking back I suggest you concentrate 100% on studying. Once these are done you do your CPL and Instrument rating then finally an MCC which teaches you the art of flying multi crew as throughout the training as in FS you are on your own!(albeit in training you have an instructor looking out the window wondering what to have for dinner!)
Then comes the hardest part of finding a job.
Have a word with a few flight schools for the latest requirements, contact me if you have any questions.

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