autopilot flies the ILS approach

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I am struggling to nail an approach using the APR button on the autopilot, which often wrestles the controls sending me left then right and all over the place finisihing on the grass, even then I sometimes have to setup the glideslope using the ALT autopilot command.

PLS HELP or direct me to another post i can read! 😞

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Here are some guides:

It sounds like what you're doing is engaging the AP too early. The AP in FS9 over compensates a lot meaning that it'll take you off approach by dramatically turning which doesn't really help. You need to line yourself up manually and then about 10-15 nms away from the airport engage the APP button. Let us know how you get on 😉

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I let the autopilot fly the approach most of the time. I have the plane on autopilot for most of the flight, and just leave it on. When I get near the airport I use the "heading bug" with the autopilot. I keep it on "hdg" until I have the plane fairly well lined up with the runway. Then I switch the autopilot to "approach" and let the AP fly the approach. A lot of times I let the AP land the aircraft. Unforunately the AP does not "flare" before touching the runway, so the plane will bounce once. After the unwanted bounce the plane will stay down-- then I use reverse thrust and brakes.

I only fly airplanes with propellers--so I don't know if it can be done that way flying jets. 😎

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