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Before I post I just want to say that ive read the several guides posted on these forums on how to carry out an ILS landing.

Whenever I attempt an ILS landing at heathrow at runway 9R, the aircraft always turns around to the other direction when i hit the NAV button (after ATC give me the go-ahead to track the localizer) and ive discovered why i think....

After tuning in the appropriate frquency and the correct ILS heading, for some reason the craft thinks im trying to land from the other side (i.e 23L) so does a complete uTurn and turns away( If i take the aircraft from the other side it land fine)

So my question is, how do i get it to register that i want to land on runway 9R. It also shows up IAA which is for 23L when it should be IBB for 9R.

Also, at other airports, the localizer works fine but when i hit the approach button to track the glidescope, the plane starts going mad up and down trying to chase it. Ive only had this problem at london city airport (tried it at dubai and it seemed ok) but was wondering if this is a sim problem or if its something im doing.

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crosscheck9 Guest

1 - Next time you set up for an ILS landing, make sure that the backcousrse switch is not selected, because that will take you in from the other end of the runway.

2 - Originalgrunge said

Three things: make sure when you're activating the approach mode, you've dialed in the ILS freqency for that runway, and switched your plane back from GPS to NAV. Without that it's not going to work.

Next make sure that when you're making that final turn your speed is 180kts or slower. The faster you're going the wider you're going to make that turn.

Third, don't activate it 1 or two miles out of the localizer and expect it to make the turn it time. Give it some room to do it.

I hope that helps.

Pro Member Captain
John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

And to add to myself =P, keep it slow when you're on final, otherwise it will have to chase the glideslope up and down. A very easy speed to come down at I've found is VRef + 5 + 1/2 the wind speed against you (so whatever speed your plane would be landing at with full flaps, plus 5 kts, plus 5 kts if you were landing into a 10 kts headwind.) It's much easier to hold the slope when you don't have to make any diving approaches! =)


Thanks for the info guys

crosscheck9 - im pretty sure backcourse isnt switched but ill double check

originallounge - yea its definetly slow enough + I dont have this problem in any other airport apart from heathrow.

Im 100% sure its to do with those IAA, IBB codes as when i look up the ILS numbers for the runways, they have these codes as well.

Does anyone know what they mean???


just to add I also tried flying another ILS approach using the exact same instructions and it was flawless.

I think this has got to be some dogy settings for heathrow ils in the sim.

Can anyone else confirm this???

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I use Heathrow 9R ILS approach a lot and have never had a problem. Dont Know


ok just tried it again and the same problem.

i am flying from charles de gaul to heathrow using ifr.

when atc informs me of the runway (9R) i tune in my radio to the appropriate frquency.

At this point - i can see the code ILL on my flight display panel. This should be the code for runway 23L according to the info on the map. The code for 9R is IBB. But both these runways are ont he same frequency - so how do you differentiate between the two???

when i continue and finally make my approach - it just does a comlpete u turn and flys directly opposite the runway. However, if i hot the backcourse switch, it lines up fine.

Can someone please try this route just to make sure im not going insane!?!?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I'll try it tomorrow morning 😉

spuddi Guest

you say on your mail you are pressing the NAV. surely you should be using the HDG then later the APP.

here's what I do.
when the ATc gives me the initial approach details I program in the ILS on NAV 1 and set the course for 093 (09R is not quite at 90degrees).

when the ATC tells me to turn 060 and intercept the localizer for 09R. I have the A/P set to HDG it turn the hdg to 060 and then follow that until the pink line starts moving toward the center. I keep the A/P on HDG and just turn the heading figure to 093 thus lining the aircraft up. any small adjustments to direction are still done using the HDG
Then once it is lined up wait for the glideslope to come down. once it is nearly on glideslope but I am just below I engage the APP button and the aircraft will take you down spot on.
notice no need to touch the NAV button on the A/P to make the approach.(obviously the nav/gps switch is set to nav but for me that always is anyway)


Ill give it a try spuddi but im sure ive done that with no luck.

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