FSUIPC Has a Problem!

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I need help. I reinstalled fs2004 today and got this message:

The version of FS2004 detected is not compatible with this version of FSUIPC! It is build 9.01.40901...
You need the correct version of FS2004

Check the Help-About: the build should be 9.00.30612

FSUIPC will terminate when you select ok.

I have never gotten this problem before and I have had this game a while. Anyone know anything about this because I dont.

I tried removing the FS9 folder in my local disk c thing and it said it couldnt delete the blah blah.gau file. So I go in and see if I can delete it and it cant and I try to cut it out and move it and that didnt work either.

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Download and install the correct one for your sim and or OS.


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bawls327 Captain

Thanks for link but I dont know which one I need. I suck at computers I just see a bunch of scrambled up letters. SHould I just download all of them? I got it working!

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I had the same problem today. What it is looking for is the fs9 update. Once your updated you shouldn't have a problem with it.

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