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During a night flight there is often not much to look at on the ground-- until you get to a city. I noticed that there are lots of stars to look at on those night flights. I was wondering if the Microsoft people programmed realistic stars and constellations into FS9. Are the stars the same stars that we would see if we were making a real life flight?? Of course it would depend on the day, month, and time of day when looking in a certain direction. Are the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion and other constellations in their proper places in the sky? And some constellations would only be visible to those in the southern hemisphere.

Has anyone studied the stars enough to tell if they are realistic or simply
"generic" groups of stars?? 🙄

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I'm pretty sure they are generic. In general, the night sky could be much better...

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I agree, I don't think the stars are supposed to be realistic at all. I've never seen a constellation that I recognized.

On one night flight, I saw a star pass in front of the moon. Now, that's not very realistic. . . 😂


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They has better concentrate on improving aircrafts,scenery, communications etc. and leave the stars alone for astronaut/comsmonaut and space simulations 😂

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the should model at least navigation stars to experience navigation done by ilots and navigators in eirly days of aviation 😞


There's a real stars download for 2002 and 2004. the install instructions refer to 2002 but I can't find the equivalent file for 2004 ... it would be good to have real constellations, although, flying at night and at altitude there are so many stars it's quite hard to pick out individual stars ...

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