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A rank beginner on cfs3 with a couple questions. At briefing I cannot get the waypoint compass headings to come up. By pressing the "tab" i get a cone that points the way to "bogies" but other than that I am flying in circles. Also how do you use the Tactical radar system in the upper left hand to navigate to targets. Lastly, how do I find my way home to the airfield other than just head back the opposite way I took off from. I have read and reread the book and the printout and can find very little help. Thanks for any assistance you may give me.


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Hi deltabighat

you use the tactical to follow a path to the next waypoint by following the thin blue line (or warping there if the game allows it). To find your mission objective a purple arrow head will appear on the rim of the display pointing the way when it is out of the range of the display. When in range the marker comes up purple. By pressing the 'M' key it will bring the waypoint map up which may help find your way home.

Hope this is useful


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Hi deltabighat
Once you have attacked your target, and acheived your goal ( percentage in purple will read 0 ) The tactical display will display your return route. You can carry on with further attacks or warp to return to your airfield.
hope this helps Pruitt.

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