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Hi all, im struggling with this ILS approach lesson on FS 2004. He says intercept the localizer at 130 heading, once ive intercepted, it keeps saying im too far left and right. Once ive intercepted the localizer, do i stay on the localizer heading to land??

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It's almost impossible to make a turn and be exactly on the beacon. Also, the closer you get the more accurate you have to be because any angle of error is increased as the distance gets less. what i am saysing is that you should expect to have to make small corrections throughout your aproach to stay exactly on line.
Good Luck.

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The secret is, as posted above, to make smaaaaaall, caaaaareful, tiiiiiiiiny corrections as you get closer to the threshold - and therefore the beacon. Turns of more than a couple of degrees are bound to throw you off. Small corrections to keep the runway centered is all you need.

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DO you mean that you are following the course and that the vertical bar of the ils is in the center. If this is the case and the computer tells you you are too far left or right, then you should check if u turned your obs to the exact course number.As Jelami and Bindolaf said, the closer you get, the more accurate the beacon is

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Flying a true ILS is when having rudder pedals comes in handy.

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In FS09, when you get pretty close to the ILS (or a VOR), it is important to NOT chase the vertical bar back and forth, but just try to fly straight on the desired heading. If you're that close on ILS, look for the runway and fly to that by visual clues-- you'll do better than trying fly exactly on the Localizer.

When you get really close, it's nearly impossible to to keep the bar perfectly centered all the way in. If you chase it back and forth, you'll end up weaving all over the sky.


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Another suggestion: set up your own flight in the same location as the ILS lesson, with similar weather conditions. Fly it yourself about a dozen times without Rod yapping away in your ear, and then go back and try the lesson again.


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I also had trouble following all of the instructions as the tend to confuse more than help. The suggestion of tying a few with out Rob is valid. You might also activate APPR and let the airplane fly them a few times to get the hang of what you want to see.

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