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I am trying out ILS approach lesson in a 737. Question. I reach the two VORs (olympia and Seatle) and then I am supposed to fly to "NOLA" outermarker with frq:362.0. on the 323 radial I am a bit confused as this is not a freq. for the NAV1. radio. When I use A/P with a heading of 323 Rod tells me I'm too far right! and after a while tells me I'm I should retstart the lesson. How do I get there....someone..please....


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Wile E Coyote Guest

I haven't tried this lesson yet, but some details are clear here:

As you said, 362.0 is a frequency to be tuned on the ADF radio (not NAV1), and 323 is the course (not heading) to the "NOLLA" (I hope you follow the chart during the lesson 'cause you have it all there... ).
If Rod tells you that you're off course, he has a good reason, so try to maintain course and heading.
It really sounds strange but do they allow you to use the autopilot during the lesson???


So I insert 362 in ADF and 323 in course and then how do I get there. Can I use the A/P switched on (NAV is off as is HDG correct?) Do I manually fly the plane there? Is there any thing else that I am supposed to monitor? or anything else would be helpfull


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