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I must admit that I am getting quite frustated with the inclination of the P-51D to spin like a gyroscope whenever I try to turn. I know the aircraft was demanding of a pilot, but in the game I am losing patience. I have flown it in a couple of other flight sims and never found it this sensitive. I've clicked auto-rudder on and that helps a bit. But is is it the game or is it me?

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it could be you lol!

maybe you are overloading the craft and the weight of the wing is dragging your plane down, it happens to me sometimes you see, i just climb, descend fast, engage WEP then turn and its alright for me



Due to the design of the p-51D you will find that you need to keep your speed up or else you will stall out or loose controol. The B version is better in these charicteristics, but of course has less visability and fire power.

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The higher the altitude the more speed you need in a turn to keep from stalling. The Mustang could easily be overloaded as well. The two things a flight simulator lacks are "feel" (the buffet before the stall) and "sight" (you have to push a button to look over your shoulder). Keep you airspeedd over 350 above 20 thousand feet. Below that altitude, keep plenty of airspeed until you are ready to land.

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The airspeed indicator shows Indicated Airspeed IAS. The mustang stalls at around 95 mph IAS. This will occur at ANY Altitude. The airspeed indicator measures the amount of air molecules entering the pitot tube, so the amount of air passing over the wing at 500feet or 25,000 feet is exactly the same at any given Indicated airspeed. The true airspeed and groundspeed is definitely higher at altitude but the pilot is reading IAS. The mustang will drop its left wing in a stall due to the propeller wash hitting the left side of the vertical stabilizer and rudder, causing a decrease in speed of the left wing as compared to the right and stalling the left wing first, causing an incipient stall. All the pilot has to do however is push the stick forward to unload the wings and push right rudder----not right aileron. During a stall, keeping the ball of the needle and ball instrument centered will prevent a spin. In CFS however one can select an unrealistic realism setting that makes the planes stall and spin sooner and easier than in real life. The real mustang is quite predictable in its stall characteristics and is a very honest airplane.

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