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This is for users of the Feelthere ERJ.

I have produced a fictitious Operating Procedures Manual for the aircraft.

What this is not;

- It's not a set of Checklists.
- It's not a User Guide for the add-on

What this is;

- It's an Operating Manual that can use to simulate flying the ERJ on behalf of an airline.

- It covers operating rules and procedures for flying the aircraft according to your airline. It particulary covers the Autopilot use in quite a lot of detail.

.......... the idea is to print the Ops Procedures and then to try flying the plane for your airline according to these procedures..... you never know you may enjoy this great aircraft even more !

This file is in the process of being uploaded to Avsim also, under the title "ERJ 145 Operating Procedures".

The document is a Zip file that contains just a WORD (.doc) file so should be a doddle to download!



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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

dang son you got some serious money and equipment

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Nice job, very professionally written. Now when are you publishing your 747 operations manual? 😉

No I have not bought the 747 yet by the way, sorry to disappoint you ProSim! I'm waiting for the first full patch (not to mention I'm still 50 hours away from being qualified for a checkride in it!).

Although my checkride should be very interesting, it will be a full flight to London Heathrowe from Washington Dulles, daily NAT and everything, visual approach required (unless it's raining of course), the works! On top of that, the pilot reviewing my file is an ex 747 pilot herself!

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Pro-Sim First Officer

@ original grunge - Wow ! With a Checkride challenge like that I may just have to join your virutal airline ! That sounds like real fun !

Your wise to wait for the first update for PMDG 747-400, however I have to say that after an uninstall and reinstall I have not had a single issue with the plane.... and I can tell you, when it's working properly you will love this as much as the LDS 767 and co .....

So what are you currently flying for United VA at the moment ?

Over at Delta VA, I'm rated for the 757 and 767 programme primarily but I also have a 737-800 rating so I get some overtime in flying the 738 now and again!

I'm nowhere near being rated for the 747 at Delta, I fly that off-line !

@ Jar Jar ...... Hey I don't have as much dosh (cash) as you may think 😉 , it all comes down to dedication to Flight Simming! Some people put all their money into drinking or maybe having a new car or something. I'm hopelessly addicted to FS so I drive a 9 year old Audi so that I can spend my hard earned pennies on lovely cockpit bits 😉 😀

I want 2 more monitors for side views - but it means a second graphics card so it's off the radar !

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I'm curently rated for Category V, which means I'm open to fly the 777. I actually only just recieved that ranking not too long ago, the checkride was a flight down from BOS to JFK, with the Belmont Visual rwy 22 approach.

When you recieve a new rank you can fly any of the planes beneath you whenever you choose, although sometimes I don't think that's entirely wise 😉 . After flying the 767 for tons of hours, I took the ERJ on a short hop and had great difficulty reigning her in!

The categories are broken up into ranks (second officer through senior captain), and points are awarded based on your "salary." Right now the points don't mean anything, but they're still there for future use if necessary =).

You can check out how it's structured in one of the quarterly mags they put out:

Although to give up your VA would be to give up the 757/67 for a while (since you can only transfer 100 hrs, putting you at the 737/A320 level.)

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Pro-Sim First Officer

No way hose! 😉

Love my 767 hops too much... but United does sound a good VA .... Delta is great but the forums aren't too friendly Crying or Very sad

There are some real "issues" - people just getting arrogant and looking down on people .... I've no time for that in the FS world, where theres a place for all abilites and level of experiance / immersion !

... still loving the PMDG 747-400 by the way ... I wonder how long til you succumb and get it! I still couldnt all out recommend it though John as a lot of users STILL have many issues with it - although I have it working fine now.

Next huge release I'm looking forward to is the Feelthere 737 Classic !!


Juhaket Guest

First at all, I'm very sorry to lift this old thread up. Embarassed
This manual is written very well and professionally. And I'm in a VA that operates ERJ145, so I'd like to use this manual in the VA, although I have to translate it to Finnish...

If possible, Pro-Sim, please contact me, juhaket[(AT)](don't want spam)hotmail.com so I can make sure that I don't violate any copyrights. 😕

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