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Hello once again. I am considering on getting the Feel There PIC ERJ 145 off of www.feelthere.com when i pay for the plane and all. do i get it in a downloadable format off of feelthere.com or do they send me a CD. Thanks.

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You can buy the Wilco (feelthere) ERJ145 as a Download or on CD-ROM.

Just select which ever one suits you best. I got the boxed version as I have a lot of computer gremlins and in the past I have lost planes that I previously downloaded.... With the CD-ROMs it's always there, no matter what happens to your computer !

Anyhoo, what I can tell you is that the ERJ145 is a FAB add-on, I've been flying it a lot lately.

You MUST turn up the "Null Zones" in your SENSITIVITIES settigs on FS for this add-on to work, otherwise tiny signals from the Joystick/Yoke will upset the Autopilot and it will cause a real pain.

Once this is adjusted this is a really special add-on. Hope you get it and enjoy it ! 😂

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