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hey if you live in LUOISIANA its time to get the hell out of dodge !

NEW ORLEANS is about to get erased from the map!

even when there arnt any hurricanes or anything they need to pump water out to keep NEW OREANS out of the water.

this is the biggest storm this area including geaorgia, florida, alabama..... has ever seen. with 175 mhp winds over 200 gusts the eye is huge and it takes up nearly all of the gulf!

hey saddle up man im gettin out of this suckers way

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WarHawk42 Captain

New Orleans is going to have some very major problems. This is indeed a major storm if not a storm of the century. We are going to feel some effects from it here in Pensacola Florida, mostly storm surge I think and we are about 200 hundred miles east of the eye.

The only advice I have for anyone in the path of this one is to get out. This is going to be a killer storm.

I stayed for Ivan and for Dennis, but there is no way I would stay for this one if it were coming here.

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

my point exactly im here in south Georgia 2 hrs north of jacksonville. i was getting some of the storms in florida but hell when the first band of katrina came around it nocked out 2 of my trees and about 5 limbs not just any limbs but major limbs iv got a pecan tree grove pretty much about 10 trees. im getting parts of this storm and im in Georgia. I tell you what New Orleans is in for a world of hurt. its called 28ft. storm surge

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

now we know what really happened

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

speaking about bad weather i'll tell you something! around 2 years ago on the night of July 4th our tiny town was ripped to shreds! A storage building was literally lifted up and thrown away! Signs from stores were all over the streets and our yard was completely destroyed! we had winds close 100 mph. some say they saw a funnel cloud and a tornado but it never hit the ground! Talk about freaky! Then the year after on July 4th we had 30mph wind. What will happen this year..... 😳


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