Air traffic control not working.

Pilotless25 Guest

ATC doesnt work for me anymore. When i click the icon to open it in any plane it doesnt open. Also i tried pressing the short cut button which is ,
and it still doesnt open. I checked to see if i turned it off by accident but in the options but no i didnt. Can anyone help please.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

When you press the key "~" next to the key "1" you don't get any sound or you don't get an on screen display.

See if this helps before you answer.;en-us;315195


Let us know how it works out.


Pilotless25 Guest

ok so i cant turn ATC on during multiplayer online? Thanks

crosscheck9 Guest

During multiplayer, the sim disables ATC.

Pilotless25 Guest

is there a way i can enable it? the first times i went online i could here people communicate with ATC and the window would open.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

You can communicate by writing to each other but there isn't ATC as such in multiplayer unless you use Vatsim. 😉

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