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I just recently got a new computer, far better than my old one 😀 it really feels good to able to play just about every game with the graphics cranked all the way up! I just wanted to know in FS2004 can you really fly any in the world? Is it worth the price and hard drive space?


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Yes, you can fly anywhere in the world - most of the world is pretty accurate and everything appears in the correct place. What graphics card are you using - FS2004 requires an amazing card for the FULL options, something like a 5900 Ultra or something. Yes, it is worth the price - considering the previous FS2002 Pro version retailed at about £75. If you have a fairly new computer, I guess you have quite a lot of harddrive space to burn. Fs2003 takes about 2GB - so, you judge that for yourself. I belive there is also an option to run from CD's if you are low on space.

Good luck with your decision 🙂

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Not everything is in the right place, though. 😂 Being from Austria, I made my first start from the Viennese airport and wanted to navigate on sight following the Danube - which isn't where its supposed to be. It ends in the East of vienna and picks up just a few arms in the West of it.

Otherwise, FS 2004 is worth buying.

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Is fs9 worth getting? 😀 Yes you will be getting a high quality sim which you can modify with different aircraft and scenery most of which is free 😀
Then if flight sim is for you there are some add ons you can pay for
If you really get hooked who knows you just might turn that spare room in to cockpit with multi screens and peddels (do a search on google to see what some get up to)
Go on buy it you know you want to

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