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Hello everyone, my first post. I was debating lately whether or not Lock On is worth purchasing. I am hopeing to get your opinion on the game and if it is worth it.

Thank you 😀

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Download and watch these movies and make up your own mind. I just bought it last friday.


Well I bought it friday too. Game is interesting and looks really good. But now I'm considering to turn it back. It's just worse than CFS3. Need a lot of deep-time-consuming-trial-and-error tweaking. I just couldn't get it work properly. Lots of graphic issues (bluescreens, memory leaks, slow framerates, etc). Screenies and movies are so eye catchy that you feel you must have it... well If you have an Athlon 3Ghz, 1gb Ram and a Gforce 5 5900 (FX not MX) you might be able to fly at medium res and then it worth the money.

My System:
O.S : Win XP Pro SP1.
Processor: Atlon XP 2400+
RAM: 1GB DDR 400
Graphics: GForce 4 4800 Ti 128MB 8 x AGP.
Audio: Audigy 3d Sound Card.


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don`t go near this without very high spec machine.minimum specs on box are crap!as are the other specs. ubisoft australia was very good about this only after the words class action and consumer fraud were mentioned.received free il2 gold pack very next day.it is time to consider a class action if these disrespectful companies continue to lie to us about minimum specs et al. Twisted Evil

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I use a p4 2.4g with a geforce fx5700 card and run the game at just about the highest settings, seems fine most of the time although it still looks a bit pixelly especially the aircraft. My only grumble about the game is that even if its set to easy its taken me a week to learn how to read the guages and land properly!!( I still cant land smoothly). I thought it wouldve been more arcade like. But any how its still a cool game!!!

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Does the patch 1.1 that is coming out with retail lock on soon fix the frusterating low fps issues, memory leak and such?

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