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Hi all, ive got a problem, whenever i taxi a plane, it randomly steers off the taxi way, this happens with single and twin engine planes, and i dont have autopilot on?? any ideas anyone???

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Do you use a joystick ❓

ant478 Guest

Yes i do use a joystick (Saitek X52 to be precise)

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Though it is primarily a problem of single engine planes wanting to steer left, I've seen it on twins as well. I've also seen planes that are very squirrely on the ground. There is a setting for realism to allow you to back off on the tendency to turn left which should also eliminate the possible over-reaction to the right when you correct.

While I've never piloted a real plane, I have been in a number of GA craft and have never seen the pilot have as much problem keeping the plane on the centerline as Microsoft built into the simulator.

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ant478 wrote:

Hi all, ive got a problem, whenever i taxi a plane, it randomly steers off the taxi way...

First, if you taxi faster than 15 MPH your ability to control the a/c decreases. Speed is the main culprit as far as controling you a/c to taxi in a straight line. This is especially true in the smaller aircrafts.

You can make adjustments for joystick Sensitivies and Null Zones. Go to Settings > Controls > Sensitivies > Joystick tab and experiment with those slides. I find that the default joystick sensitivity settings are too acute for my liking. Another thing you can try is differential braking. Use the F11 & F12 (default) keys for left/right braking.

ant478 Guest

Thanks for the advice, but it seems to steer in the other direction. Forcing a wrong turn so i end up on the grass lol.

andymil Guest

hey, I have the x52 and know exactly what your problem is. For some strange reason when you start up the game the x-52 has your rudder all messed up so you don't taxi in a straight line. On the throttle unit there is a small rotating knob on the underside that controls the around with that until you taxi in a striaght line...or change the game view so you can see the back of the rudder and twist the knob until its straight.

let me know if this helps



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Pete (pdegraff) First Officer

Where is the wind and how strong is it? I fly using "actual" weather as much as possible. If there is a cross wind on the taxiway (or the runway) the plane will tend to turn into it, sometimes very strongly. If you have gusts it will do so erratically. It sure can be annoying but it's much like the real world.

Did Orville really say that no one would ever fly across the Atlantic?


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Try re-calibrating and the above suggestions, otherwise I'm not sure 😉

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