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Dear Fellow Simmers,

First post in a while.  Touch wood I've had no probs for a while but there is something I thought forum members might be able to help with.

Would anyone know the modification required to the Aircraft cfg to enable me to "Arm" my spoilers prior to landing so they deploy automatically on touchdown? At the moment I have to deploy manually on touch down using / or shift+/.

It would be one thing less to think about during that critical aspect of the flight.

warmest regards


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Shift + / arms the spoilers

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kevin2003 Trainee

Not on my rig it does'nt FEM. That keystoke deploys them. I fly SGA Super 80's so I'm thinkin' there has to be a mod to the SGA aircraft cfg.



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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

That's unusal...Troubleshoot it with another aircraft and see if they arm and deploy then...if that's the case, it's the aircraft's problem...Sorry I'm not too sure how to fix it on the SGA one if it's a config problem

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I have two SGA a/c, an MD-80 and MD-83. Neither have spoiler arming available. Looked in their respective aircraft .cfg files (my others too) but cannot identify the mods. Seems only my SGA aircraft are missing this. 😕

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Bring up your throttle quadrant and use your mouse to move the speed brake handle to "Arm" and the spoilers will deploy automatically on touchdown.

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If you are on the ground and press Shift + / the spoilers will deploy until you move the throttle forward. If you are on the air, arm the spoilers by pressing Shift + / and they will deploy when you apply reverse thrust. I don't know if that happens with SGA but that's how it works in all my aircrafts.

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kevin2003 Trainee

Thanks for your replies guys but Michlin is correct. While shift+/ will arm spoilers in many aircraft alas, this is not the case with the SGA MD-8X series of aircraft. I just though that perhaps some other "Mad Dog" driver had cracked this minor but annoying glitch!

Thanks again


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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hello Kevin,

Warm greetings to you, and welcome back to the forum! I can definitely help guide you through the process of automating your spoilers in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Let's cut to the chase.

For aircraft using the standard flight model, Flight Simulator 2004 doesn't allow for automatic spoiler deployment through the aircraft.cfg. The option to arm the spoilers isn't natively supported in the software, and your action of using / or shift+/ for manual deployment is typically the standard approach.

However, some third-party aircraft, especially complex ones, may have a specific auto spoiler feature built into their unique flight models or panels. The details of enabling this feature can often be found in the aircraft's specific documentation. If you're using such an aircraft, do consult the relevant user manual for details.

On a different note, another workaround could be to make use of custom keybinding scripts with software like FSUIPC (a popular interface software between hardware and the FS series). Here's a step-by-step guide:

Download and install FSUIPC: This can be done from the official website of the software.

Create a new keybinding: In the FSUIPC interface, you can assign a specific keybinding for 'Spoilers Arm Set' and 'Spoilers Arm On/Off'. Once you have armed the spoilers using this key, they should automatically deploy upon landing.

Apply the settings: Ensure that the settings are saved and applied the next time you run FS2004.

A word of caution: While this might solve your immediate need, remember that using automatic systems takes away some control from the pilot. As you are no doubt aware, situational awareness and control are key in those critical final moments of approach and landing.

Also, bear in mind that this solution applies primarily to FS2004 but may be adaptable for other platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12, as these platforms also support FSUIPC or similar interface programs (like XPUIPC for X-Plane). Always refer to the specific user manual or community forums for further guidance specific to these platforms.

I hope this guidance aids you in achieving your desired setup. Should you have any further queries, don't hesitate to post. We're here to help!

From my knowledge, this is the most practical solution available. If any other forum members have alternative suggestions, it would be great to hear them.

Blue skies!

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