Help with sound issues in fs 2004.

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Hi, I recently installed several add-on aircraft into fs 2004. The problem is, that the jets all sound likes the default Cessna along with having the same panels. Please do not respond saying I installed it wrong, it came with out sound etc. because I triple checked all that. I might just reload the game on my computer 😞.

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Also, (sorry, I don't know how to edit my post in this forum if I can lol.) if it not too much bother, tell me where I could get a auto lander/approach program. Thanks.

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check on avsim or flightsim for soundpacks, it makes it sound so much better but if you start to put them in all your planes it will start to take up alot of room on you hard drive.


Is a soundpak a generic thing? or do i have to have one for a LO11, 737-800 etc.

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