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Hi guys,

Im hoping you can help me out here, i was reading the BA fact book about their fleet and they said that their crusing speed was 927kph, now when im flying my cusing speed (which is very near the overspeed speed is only about 340 kph, im thinking it must be that one of them is in true airspeed or soemthing. Please can someone help me out here with the comfusion.


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The confusion being they, BA, are quoting speeds in Kilometres per hour Groundspeed and the airspeed indicator is giving you readings in Knots (nautical miles per hour) indicated airspeed. So you are talking "different languages". While in flight flick the GPS on and you will get a groundspeed which then needs to be converted into kmh.

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The world standard for navigation is Knots. Anyone who is quoting in Kilometers per hour (or miles per hour for that matter) is not quoting correctly in pilot/mariner jargon. for an explanation on what exactily a knot is go here:

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You also have to understand the difference between Indicated and True Airspeed. The numbers you see on the indicator in the cockpit are indicated, when you turn on the GPS and on the bottom right or left corners, it'll say G/S and then a number. That's your ground speed, which is what you want to look at to get a better idea of how fast you really are going.

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Cheers guys,

I wil have a look for that in my next flight (oslo to edinburgh)

See you in the skies

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