Airspeed dropping, aircraft pitch too high

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I was flying from UK to Spain and about half way through the flight, my airspeed dropped down to 250 and kept dropping...230, 220, 210, right down to 160 before I paused it and came here. I read other forums suggesting its the Pitot Heat and by turning it on, that would fix it...which it didn't. Pitch trim is not enabling me to correct without sending the aircraft into a dive. Looking at the plane from the outside, it looks like its climbing even when its cruising on AP at Flight Level 330. Don't understand? Any advice as to why it appears to be climbing and airspeed dropping and how to fix appreciated. Thanks

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Marc Wheeler (CXA001) Trainee

Does this happen with a particular aircraft or any aircraft?

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Jack (CaptainDale) Trainee

Just this particular A330-200 which I downloaded online. Descended to flight level 280 and that seems to be fine. Levelled out okay and airspeed came back up. Anything above that though and the airspeed drops and the front of the plane picthes up so its pointing into the air even though I'm not climbing. May be a fault with this specific aircraft but don't get why its fine until a certain altitude. 😕

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Sounds like you need to burn off more fuel and step up through the altitudes, or take off with less fuel.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Sounds like you're too heavy, airliners often stay lower until they burn fuel and then step climb to their optimum flight level.

FL280 sounds a bit low. How heavy is the aircraft?

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