Red Bull Air Race - World Series

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john (verygom) First Officer

Anyone been watching this series on TV or, if lucky, at the various locations round the world?.
Absolutely 'on the edge' aerobatic flying by some of the best display pilots
from around the world during the 7 races - the last just been held in San Francisco.
For those of you who think flying the Extra 300 under a bridge is fun -watch these guys! 👏 -

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

😳 Flying extra's underneath bridges, is it true ❓ 😳

Now that looks like fun ❗

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KenTel First Officer

Yup! I've been watching it, taped a couple for studying. But don't think my sim-stick would stand the hammering.

Those Flyers are simply awesome, makes f1 racing look tame.

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jarred_01 Captain

I have been watchig all of the races - those guys don't seem to have much fear ❗

Hopefully it will return next year as well,
Jarred 🙂

cheekytrolly55 Guest

hey jarred
i see ur also a kiwi,
whats ur local areoclub? would you be interested in starting a kiwi VA with me? Also, do u know of any particular server where kiwi flight sim enthusiasts fly?

for the rest of ya- you can download the red bull race post for the rotterdam corse here:

cheers- andy ( auckland

cheekytrollyGuest Guest

me again- just couldnt help myself- i had 2 take some screenshots of the red bull aero gp addon scenery- hope u like it:


anyone know where I can download the redbull xtra 300L fs2004 reapint?
cheers andy

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john (verygom) First Officer

Good "shots" - you obviously survived. 👏
Are you still in hospital?? Tee Hee

flyer80 Guest

anyone know where I can download the redbull xtra 300L fs2004 reapint?
cheers andy

You can download it here:

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