Vintage scenery?

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FS02 user anxiously awaiting delivery of FS04 from Amazon ($9.99 after rebate!)

Wondering if it includes vintage scenery to go with the vintage aircraft. I for one would love to fly into San Franciso-Crissy Field c. 1936 with the unfinished GG Bridge off my left wing on final! (I live within walking distance of the former army airfield).

Anyone know if such scenery exists for download?

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That sounds fascinating, I doubt that it is available. The only place that you could search for it would be in the "file library" at :

Let us know what you find out, I for one would like to see that. Yes

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😀 I have seen some old scenery for download it was for an old mail run between Spain and North Africa
They were at flightsim

Use the file search for"Aeropostale" There are a few of them

Note these are for fs2002 but may well work in fs9(most do)

Hope it helps

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