enhanced scenery to buy in the shops

gazpode_l Guest

can anybody tell me of any descent software I can get in the shops here in the uk to upgrade the existing crappy default scenery for fs2004.

I have looked at fsterrain which I have on order from HMV but they are still saying "it's showing on screen as sold out" and are unable to give me an answer as to when it will be back in IF EVER! despite the fact I ordered it back in AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER! Mad

I have looked at european enhanced scenery but this is now a deleted title! Crying or Very sad

Both of which are available via ebay but I cannot use ebay at the moment

plllllllllssssssssss help!


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Save your money and have a look here ➡


gazpode_l Guest

thanks for the great linx 😎

Basides the point the money is actually a small sum as agreed with my parents relating to my upcomming 26th birthday on nov 19!

26.......goood grief ❗

speak soon



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