Do you read books?

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Hi again. Well I love reading avaition books. Do any of you have avaition books that you read? Which ones do you think are interesting? I have a book called Boeing Aircraft Cutaways or something like that. It show all the Boeing plane and their cutaway picture.

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We have made in past a familiar conversation in the following topic

Although discussing about books is never boring 😉

i dont have any aviation books.The only source i have about aviation is Internet.

This moment i read the ''Caretaker'' from Thomas William Simpson.Some of my favorites writters are the Swedish Bjorn Larson (The magic cyrcle of Celts) and the Spanish Artouro Pereth Reverte(The Queen of North).I also love and had read all his books and biography, the famous J.R.R Tolkien.I had discover him more than 15 years before and i had to be very happy when i see ''The Lord Of The Rings'' turns to a movie.Im waiting for ''Hobbit'' now... 😉

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My favorite aviation books are by John J. Nance.
Although I am currently reading Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter ($3.99 on clearance at Borders 😂 )

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Chris102 wrote:

My favorite aviation books are by John J. Nance.

ME TOO!! - hehe...he's a very talented writer, and seeing as how he is a real airline pilot, he knows what he's talking about - My favorites would be Headwind and Turbulence 😀

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My favourite book regarding aviation of all time has to be

"The Big Show" by Pierre Clostermann

An incredibly well written account of his time flying during WWII and many very moving sections in it...

I know its not aviation in the terms you are speaking but I believe this book to be essential reading

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I really enjoyed Airframe by Michael Crichton. Very fast read and made you think too 😉

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