Christmas is around the corner......

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Hello everyone.

What would you all like this year for christmas?

I would like some VFR scenery for fs2004 - payware and im thinking about getting London Gatwick 2004. Does anyone know any good VFR scenery for the UK and how much space will this and London Gatwick take up on my computer? Is London Gatwick 2004 any good becuase i have heard that there are no progressive taxi lines?

Also, how will i find out how much space i have left on my pc?

Thanks SteveT

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...Also, how will i find out how much space i have left on my pc?

Click: Start - My Computer

Rightclick: Local Disk (C)

Select: Properties 😉

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A 20.1 inch LG Active Matrix TFT LCD monitor, 2G of DDR400 dual-channel memory with CAS 2.0 or less, an ATI X1800XT PCIe graphics card, the Cessna 182RG Skylane II by Carenado, and MegaScenery USA 2004 Volume 2 New York City And Surrounding Areas. (Also, a ruler/protractor and the New York VOR sectional. I have a pencil around here somewhere, already.)

Also, world peace, and a free school lunch for every kid in sub-Saharan Africa.


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