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What's the best throttle you can buy? I've been looking on the CH website and they have a "twin engine" and "multi-engine" throttle quadrant. I assume the best one to get would be multi-engine (for flying jets?) If anyone had it and could give an opinion on whether it was worth the $$$ it would be great!

Thanks... JTH 🙂

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I could be 100% wrong here, but from my reading of their site,the only difference I can see is the different colors of the handles. Since these units appear to be configurable for what ever you want, what each is used for depends on you.

Again, I could be wrong about this.


Say if you were flying a heavy (737 or the like), would this be an accurate simulation of the throttle?

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there is only one model, it comes with two extra black knobs. so you can do the twin prop thing or 4 engines.

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