Does This Happen to Anyone Else?

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While I have been playing Microsoft FS2004, I have noticed the following issues with my game:

1) Whenever I start or load a new flight, autopilot is always already turned on, and I have to disable it before I can take off.

2) My aircraft always veers off to the left of the runway when I take off (This has only been doing this for the last few days) I don’t have any wind in the game, I always use the wind speed setting of ‘zero’

3) My sea and water textures flicker different colors (darker and lighter shades) when I change view.

4) The ATC voice is stutter and is jerky and while the ATC command is being read allowed, it cuts out before it reaches the end of the sentence!

5) My Runways disappear during takeoff and landing…see here:

Does this happen to anyone else? If anyone out there could help me fix these issues, I would be very grateful.

My system specs are:
• 2.4GHZ Intel Celeron Processor
• 768MB RAM
• 80GB Hard Drive
• Creative NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 (256 MB)
• Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2)
• DirectX 9.0c

Thanks a lot.
Andrew Underwood 😛 [Send me an email]

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jelami First Officer

1.) Well, it sounds like you may have saved the game (your default flight) with the A/P on.
2.) I would expect any single engine plane to want to crab off on you, it's the nature of them, with all the torque pulling you to one side.
3.4.5.) sounds like a little video problem, you may want to turn your settings down a bit to see if it improves. Although, I have seen runways at certain airports disapear on me, I think I read here one time that it could be caused by some add on scenery.

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PanAmerican Captain

The only one's that I notice that I have are 3 and four. I tried re-installing it and it didn't help, so don't try that.

fmpjb Guest

My runways are sort of flashing, disappearing, and sometimes at night none of the runway lights are showing up. this is generally when i get to the destination airport. the takeoff airport is ok, im not sure what the problem is.

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