Good places to fly..?

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Just wanted to know if there was a site I could go to look up good places to fly... routes/courses. Maybe flight plans I can download or something... or even if someone just has a suggestion depart/arrive. I know how to set up the flight plans in fs9 just dont realy know any kewl places worth going in FS9... thanx in advance

Oh I like all types of flying.. own 3 crafts all for different styles.

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I like to fly a small GA (my Deke) prop in Switzerland in the winter.
Flying in the mountains is a challenge, you can see the airstrips miles away.
I use my GPS and fly from one to another.


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I recommend the Alaskan Floatplane Pilot flights that come with FS09, if you haven't done them before. Very nice scenery, some challenging (but not extremely difficult) flights, and the charts are included, which adds something to the experience.


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ANThrx, have a look see over this here thread. I use it all the time when i can't think of anyplace to fly to. You won't be dissapointed!

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Thanx for the help guys. I like the site simtours... not alot of extra junk on the site so I can use it as a link in my kneeboard during flight. Great site to use ingame.

Thanks again

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Try this:

It's a challenging world tour around some of the world, started by this VA. I think registrations are closed, but no matter. You can check the routes and they have everything. Scenery, flight plans, approach charts. Give it a spin 🙂

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