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-Installed FS04
-Installed new video card
-Downloaded and installed No CD Crack

After some test flying and playing with settings--some initial problems:

SPOT VIEW: plane appears "unpainted" or just black for a few seconds before filling in with paint

SCENERY: in 3D views-- sometimes seems to have to rebuild too frequently; long distance scenery, especially buildings, "shimmer"

MENUS: using menu bar and dialogue boxes is very shaky (screen flashing, lots of "hourglassing")

TEXT AREAS (such as Learning Center): Scrolling in them quickly breaks down; text turns to scrambled mush; same occurs in web browser if running in background

I can see improvement in other areas, but feel some initial disappointment that it's not all smooth as silk. If you have any suggestions for tweaks, or experience with similar problems, please chime in.

Keep in mind both the video card and FS9 are brand spanking new to me so don't assume I'm too smart to have overlooked some obvious solutions.


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😀 Hello again
As the video card is new you will have to tweak it just a tad (nothing too heavy just standard tweaks)
Before you fire up fs9 Right click an empty space on your desktop snd select properties,then settings then advanced.
Now with Nvidia cards(Ati must have something simular)you should see your v/card in the tabs at the top .Clicking that should open all manner of little tweaks for you to adjust to your liking.
Things to look for are "antialiasing & Anistropic"
They are probably set to default (the lowest) Adjust these a little at a time and save then fire up fs9 and test
Keep doing this untill you are happy with the results
Time spent here setting up the card will pay off in the end.
Also try Google for Q&A and forums on your card (you will pick up plenty of tips)
Sorry to go on for so long but hope it helps

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try leaving your "settings" at the default for now.
I did some "resetting". see if this helps you and it also refers to the "shimmering".

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Much improvement tonight.

-Used Radarman's suggested settings for AntiAliasing and An. Filtering in the vid. card
-dialed down most display settings to medium-medium/low, then selectively brought a few up, a little bit at a time.

What a difference!

Getting a juicy 30-40 fps looking forward and 19-20 looking left & right...(had a brief problem where fps fell off the table to single digits while 'head turning' but it went away after closing and re-launching the program.

Set frame limit at 50...can anyone tell me why I shouldn't set it to "Unlimited"? Would this chew up memory? Any suggestions for an ideal limit setting?

Spent some time re-assigning key commands. Put rudder yaw and elevator trim on the arrow keys instead of the number keypad so now I don't have to turn NumLock on and off constantly (assigned control center position to the End key).

Thanks for all the advice everyone. Keep it coming!

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