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Is there anyone out there who can advise how to feather a dc3. I understand the feather button is spring loaded to the OFF position but I'm having a problem actually feathering the propeller.

What is the procedure?

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First of all, welcome to flyaway.

RadarMan should be able to help you on this question as he flies DC-3's the majority of the time. In the meantime see if this link helps - I haven't read much of it but it may help a little:

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There is a long procedure if you lose an engine. But to just feather:

1. Reduce throttle to minimum
2. Reduce prop control to minimum
3. reduce mixture to idle cutoff (minimum)
4. Left click on correct feather button.

I tried this on mine and it would not feather the first few times I tried it.
I think that there is a bug in the program because sometimes it works but not others.

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Thanks for the responses.

CRJCapt I followed your instruction and yes it "worked" to the extent that the prop quandrant indicated that the prop was feathered but in fact the props kept spinning. The gauges (psi and rmp) indicated that feathering was perhaps intended. but not sure.

the only solution as I see it was to cut the power and stop the prop spin (assuming that the prop was feathered). All indications was that the prop was feathered as the yaw factor of a spinning (powerless) prop appeared absent. if that was the case then it does not present a true picture of feathering.

Given that I think the programme does not truely present the dynamics of feathering and also (I agree with CRJCapt) that there is a bug in the current system.

If there is any one interested to look into this I think many "hand" on pilots (dc-3) especially would be grateful.

Feathering is a special issue for dec-3. For the older dc-3 models (as presented by the default fs9) feathering was problematical at the least.
There are many instances that the feathering mechanism failed that led to crashes. But many of them could have been avoided if the pilots knew how to address the fault the feathering mechanism presented.

But then feathering was used not just for emergiencies but to conserve fuel.

For the dc3 the feathering system should work (breifly) as follows:

1. Feathering

First the button is spring loaded. So when you push the button, the feathering system should take care of the feathering operation.

So in reality if you should press the button (which is assumed what the left click is intended to do) the feathering pump should start to run. The button should stay "ON" until feathering is activated.

The activation of the feathering pump should force the blades to a feathered position. When the pressure (by the activation of the feathering pump) reaches the required level (400 psi) the feathering mechanism is deactivated. When that happens the button should "pop" back to its normal "OFF" position. If that happens then the propeller is feathered and rotation should stop.

2. unfeathering

To unfeather you push the button and hold down. By holding the button down the feather pump redirects the blades out of the feathering position and the props should start to rotate.

When the 800 rpm is attained then let fire.

There is a definite procedure in this which is an adventure in itself and which I think is not captured in the simulation.

In the end of the day if you press the feather button the prop should (given for failure) feather without having to do anything else.

The simulation does not present that procedure and potential faults.

Feathering was a training routine by shutting off the fuel then feather and then re-engage power by pressing the button down until the 800 rpm was attaine

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