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Posted - 11 Dec 2005 : 03:55:23

At what CPU temparature will my fs2004 be affected or slow down here is my system specs.

Intel Pentium 4 3216MHz
Display Card NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
Memory 2048MB
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
Free Disk Space 58.37GB
Display Card Memory 256MB
Display Driver Version
DirectX Version 9.0c
Optical Drive CD/DVD
Sound Card SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [A000]

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See if this post helps you.

Hi RM,
I downloaded the 'Speedfan' linked from tha link above.

The program shows three temperatures when I open it:
Temp 1: 37 degrees c
Temp 2: 63 degrees c
HD0: 46 degrees c

What does that all mean, and is it too hot or too cold???


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The 63° sounds a little high to me. Ask TTT he uses speedfan for his AMD, I use Intel and a different temperature gauge.
I never go over 46°.

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I cant remember what the 1st and 2nd readings related to Embarassed as I now use a different program to monitor my temps 🙄

This one has more features and a very good forum ➡


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At what CPU temparature will my fs2004 be affected or slow down here is my system specs.

It should not affect FS9 or any other program at all unless something was drastically wrong: ie:
your heatsink fan was not working properly, or it was installed incorrectly with a poor seal between the heatsink and the CPU dye.

A P4 (Prescott Core) CPU will get that hot (63 degrees Cels.) under load with no problems at all. If it is running that hot at idle, then there is something wrong.

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I just learned first-hand how important CPU temperature is.

The fan on my CPU (an old Athlon XP 1900) had gotten kind of noisy. I noticed it when the computer was first turned on, and then it would get quieter, and as the computer warmed up it got even noisier.

A few weeks ago, I started having problems with the computer hanging up, or just crashing. It always happened on graphics-intensive programs, like FS09 or HL2.

So I got down with a flashlight and watched the fan; when it got noisier, I could actually see the fan slowing down. I think the bearings had deterioriated with age (the machine is four years old this month).

So I picked up a new heatsink and fan, installed it a few nights ago, and I haven't had a hangup or crash since. And the computer is so much quieter!

But I still need a new computer. 😉


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my old computer had a graphics card (ati) that overheated but didnt cut out, nearly fried the lot of us! Evil or Very Mad

Micah 😉

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