Level-D : The 767

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I was just wondering if anyone has this plane: Level-D : The 767 from wilco publishing. If so what do you think of it, is it a good plane? I was also thinking of getting The Ultimate Super 80 from flight1 and was wondering what people thought of this plane too.
Thank You.

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Well I dont have the LDS 767 but If you ask around your only gonna hear good things. It is good if you like long haul flights. The F1 MD-80 looks great too any ive heards many good things about it but it is a new airplane.

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The LDS 767 is excellent. Even if you're not a fan of heavies you'll love it!

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i got a question do you have to add a sound pack and does this aircraft come ready for flight?

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You don't have to add a soundpack.

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adding a soundpack and panel make the planes so much more realistic, but no you don't have too

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