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Hello. I bought a Logitech Headset w/ Mic and is there a way that you can use it for the ATC. I use it to listen through but can you use it to actually communicate with ATC other than pressing the keys?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

If you use Vatsim then yes, communications can be done as in the real world 😉

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Jared Captain

Can you use it other than with vatsim? Also can you if you know tell me how to get it so it recognizes my voice.

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alohajoe First Officer

Theres a thing called TeamSpeak taht is for Multiplayer. It can't remeber the site. But its preatty cool.

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beerbadger First Officer

www.vatsim register and install the pilot software its worht it, the direct download is but you need to be vatsim registered.

mamdbrit Guest

I posted this response to another topic regarding using actual voice comms with ATC.

VoxATC replaces the FS ATC menu and allows you to actually talk to ATC in FS.

Basic version -

Deluxe version -

The Basic version uses microsoft 'computer' voices for ATC and the newer Deluxe version has more human-like voices. The first sells for £30 (about $52) and the newer version at $75.

There is a demo version of the Basic for download (it's big) that is fully working but only for the flights in the manual. It recommends a 2.0Ghz PC for the basic but I'm running it OK on a 1.8, The Deluxe recommends a 2.8Ghz.

The manual is very good and includes the full script for the demo flights and other instructions for talking with ATC.

The way it works is for you to create and load up a flight plan (VFR or IFR) and switch on the software. From then on it's you talking with ATC instead of selecting options from the ATC menu and have FS do the talking.

Like all voice activated software, it needs to learn your voice so there is a little bit of training to go through but nothing more than reading back what is displayed on the screen. The level of accuracy can also be set so that it will virtually take whatever you say as the correct response to ATC comms. Requests to ATC need to be a little bit more accurate.

There is a communication screen that shows you what to say but it can be switched on and off when you become more proficient and want to go it alone.

There are some better options than the FS ATC in that you can declare emergencies, receive holds, fly SIDS and STARS, request altitude changes etc.

Only downside I can see at the moment is that it does not work with FS generated traffic. You hear other aircraft but you don't see them. Apparently they are working on that though.

It does make you think and listen more and adds that little edge of realisim with something else you have to do when you are in the air and under pressure and can't press a button to select from pre-programmed FS ATC responses.

Be prepared for funny looks and comments from the family when they hear you talking to your PC and it talks back to you.

madbrit Guest

Should be MADBRIT. Finger coordination is still suffering from the after effects of last night.

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ceetee Chief Captain

Theres a thing called TeamSpeak taht is for Multiplayer. It can't remeber the site. But its preatty cool.

Teamspeak 2 is free from here:

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Jared Captain

Well I registered with Vatsim and got Squakbox and it's very cool. I like just knowing that your flying with other humans. I'll have to check out what you recommended madbrit.

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