FS2004 crashes at downloaded .wav engine sounds

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I've got a problem with my simulator and especially with sound device in my pc. I've got many problems with downloaded engine sounds. After I'd installed some new sounds (for example new B742 engine sound) as soon as I open the game I hear only 2-3 seconds of the sound and then my hdd turnes off and my pc reboots. Sometimes it happens when I use more demanding sounds like engine starts, shutdowns, reverse thrust etc. On normal thrust, idle, accelerating or outside sound it is ok, but as soon as I'm trying something more demanding it goes down. It doesn't do that on all downloaded .waves, it does on some. I don't know what can be the problem. I've checkes mono-stereo mode, Kbps, KhZ and everything I could, I've been modifying the .waves and didn't give any effect. I'm running on a Athlon XP 2000+, 500W, 512mb RAM on 266Mhz, hdd segate 80Gb 7200rp/m, ATI Radeon 9550 256mb, Sound Blaster Audigy LS. Can anyone help and give some advice, much appreciated.

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Check their site for new drivers for the sound card.
Make sure that your computer is clean, open the case and clean all the fans, if you have too many programs running in the background using up your memory that can do it also, 512mb is just enough to have, 1 gig would be perfect.
If it just happens on a few aircraft, not all, then I would do away with those sounds and install new ones.



I bought the card over a year ago, don't know if they have new drivers(but I'll check), the card is also on the market only for 1-2 years. The fans are clean, static fan on my gfx, memory is ok, I still have 70-80mb memory left while playing FS2004. I know I can use other sound sets, but I'm trying to guess what is the main cause in the 'structure' of those waves files and why is my hdd shutting down?! I hear him spinning up while rebooting the system. Don't have any programs in background, very clean win2k. I'm just fed up with starting to taxi after pushback and the system going down while warming up the engines, really annoying.

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😳 It maybe just one sound file thats corupt Dont Know

Try re-downloading,just incase
It maybe that one sound file is too loud for your system and causing it to overload
Try checking each sound wav with Nero wav eitdor or somthing simular like audacity(a cracking freeware audio tool) ➡


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