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Traffic 2005 Download instead of DVD?

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leachus2002 First Officer


I am looking at purchasing traffic 2005 which is released in 3 days, but I was wondering if there is anywhere that will provide the product to purchase as a download and not on a DVD?

I am trying to cut down on physical items and I want to download more stuff.


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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

You can download it from the just flight website

Click on download shop and traffic 2005 is about 1/2 way down the page.



liono sorry 2 hear about the explosion in that factory my simpathy for any1 u know that was hurt those few days

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leachus2002 First Officer

Thanks for that - I will get it downloaded 🙂


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leachus2002 First Officer

Is it just me, or are the AI planes in Traffic 2005 very basic?

From the screenshots there seams to be little or no detail to them at all.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Yes, they are very basic, probably because it would drain your PC resources to have highly detailed AI aircraft. From a distance they don't look too bad 😉

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Corgi First Officer

Hi leachus2002

I have Traffic 2005 installed.

It really increases the volume of traffic, especially at busier airports.

I don't really like the pilot voices though, so I selected the US Male voice and this gave me the FS2004 default voice back which I prefer.

Overall I'm really pleased with Traffic 2005. You won't be disappointed.



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Micah Captain

what is the helecoptor traffic like???

I have traffic 2004 and am thinking about upgrading.

Micah 😉

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JTH First Officer

Micah, I hear there's something like 10 times more traffic in 2005 that wasn't in 2004.

I have 2005 and it's a really good program. The aircraft models aren't bad at all, and the way the traffic is incorporated is really realistic - i.e. Ryanair and Aer Lingus at Dublin, Easyjet at Liverpool etc.

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