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Is it possible without progressive taxi or ground charts to get to the gate your assigned to from the runway and if so can somebody give me a guide. After all the concept of a big purple line running down the middle of the taxiway seems a little unlikely in real-world aviation.



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Have a look at a link by Tartanaviation in the above link. It is an addon program that shows you all of the gates and taxiways at an airport. Its a very nice and simple addon 😉

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You need a airport diagram in order to navigate on the ground. That's the way that's it's done in real life. For the US, here is a link for free charts. They are real charts but work in Flight Simulator. They may be similar websites in other countries. Let me know if you want to buy simulated instrument charts for all parts of the world and I wil get you a link. 🙂

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the "progressive taxi" option exists in real life too. It's just that instead of a purple line, the air traffic controler tells you when to turn and in which direction etc...


Progessive taxi isn't that unrealistic as at Heathrow aircraft now taxi at night using a similar philosophy except they use a path of green strobes

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