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Strange Morse Code Beeping...?

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I am currently doing a tour Australia (see link in my sig) but I have had to stop it at YARG temporarly because I am hearing a strange "morse code" beeping noise every 10 seconds.

I recorded it and saved it to an mp3 which is 360kb in size and can be listened to here:

It just wont stop and repeats every 10 seconds, even when the aircraft is staionary with the engines off Blink

Please somebody, tell me what is happening how to get rid off it so that the tour can continue??!!


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Cheeky i click your link and i get the following message ➡

This File Is Not Allowed To be Direct Linked, If you are the owner of this file, please login into your account to download

I copy and paste the direct link in my address but i get nothing except only a label. Dont Know

Are you approaching an airport when you hear this noise?

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Bindolaf Captain

You have tuned a station (like a VOR) and hit the ID (identify) button. This makes the morse identifier code unique to each station (more or less) audible over the speakers. It is a method of making sure you have tuned to the right station. Just hit the ID button again to get rid of the sound.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I also couldn't get the download to work.

Not sure if Radio Beacons are still used but in the past these beacons transmitted continually, each with a unique 1, 2 or 3 character identifier
sent every x seconds. The indicators usually had an association with the locaton of the beacon - eg New York = NY or in morse _. /_._ _
Believe there used to be a list of these Beacons- I'll have look.

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Bindolaf was correct that what you are hearing is an idnetifier code for a VOR but incorrect regarding the ident button. The ident button is part of the transponder, not the VOR and should only be used when ATC tells you to "Ident".

To turn off the morse code you are hearing, all you have to do is go to the audio panel on the readio stack and turn off the audio for one or both NAV radios. Doing this does not turn off those radios, it only turns off the sound from them. Be sure that you are turning off the NAV radios and not the COMM radios.

These Morse Code signals are used by pilots to make sure they have the correct VOR tuned before they use that VOR for navigation. Each chart that shows VORs will also show the correct Morse Code sequence for that VOR so the pilot can confirm that they have, indeed, tuned to the correct VOR. In the real world, failing to make that verification will bust a checkride or a license examination.

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Thanks so much for sorting that out guys, the tour I am flying was using "as the crow flys" straight GPS lines, not VOR to VOR.

Just goes to show what a dummy I am and how much more I need to learn 🙄

Thanks again

PS. sorry about the broken link

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