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When I switch A/P off whilst landing (or even in the air) my nose shoots up and I find it very difficult to control the plane. I realize that this is probably because I have flaps down. What is the best way to control the airplane without it shooting up when I switch off A/P?


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This is due to airspeed,and mostly flaps down...When I switch off outo pilot I make sure plane has been flying level a mile or so to insure that AP has set trim completely...

When turning off,you will have to adjust trim yourself...Do this with Numbers Lock on.......The 7 key will trim you down,,and the 1 key will trim you up.........

try less flaps along with trimming plane yourself.....

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Thnaks for the response, I will try trimming but what if I am a few hundered meters from touch down and the plane is not flying level but comming down and there is very little time to trim?


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Depends on the type of plane you are flying. With me, i always got somethin big, so its easier for me, because the response on the big iron is lighter than the small planes. I dont worry about the trim, and if you are that far away, dont worry about the trim either, just concentrate on keeping yourself on the glide slope, and when you turn off the AP, be ready to give some forward pressure on your stick, or keyboard to keep you flying level. Make sure that the trim wheel is not rotating when you take the autopilot off as well. And another thing you can try is switching off your AP earlier than a few hundred feet. I disengage mine as i'm on final, and hand fly it to landing. Not only is it more fun, it seems easier for me that way.

Good luck, if you need more help, ask!


I always turn off the AP about 25 miles from my destination, this is in jets mind you. I also have the problem of control upon AP shutoff. I submit that it is a problem in the program because in real flight the AP controls the plane by using the trim mechanism. When I turn off the AP in the 172 or Piper Arrow I rent, it is seamless because the AP has already trimmed the plane. That being said, when you turn off the AP, the plane should already be properly trimmed by the AP itself. therefore no nose up or down.

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Thats really strange, because i dont ever have a control problem with my AP when i turn it off. It does run the trim wheel on the jets too. Is your joystick/yoke/keyboard set to a nose up or down? Perhaps it is not centered properly or needs re-calibration. I remember mine doing that, but i re installed the stick and it worked fine afterward. It would always give more nose-down than up, so takeoff was hard untill i fixed it...maybe that will help? 😕

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