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Is it possible to setup a new flight with the plane set on final for landing rather than on the runway. I cannot see an option to start a new flight this way and was wondering if it was possible.

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Start a flight and continue with the flight as normal. When you are at a point at which you would like to fly by default press ; i.e the button to the right of L on the keyboard. This will save your flight where you are and exactly as you left it. When you next start a flight, go to saved flights and it'll be there 😉

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OK thanks - I guess I can fly out far enough and then turn and when I get the correct position I can turn around and then save it at that point. I'm trying to get some flaring practice on landing on the sim as I'm just started doing it for real in the 172 I'm trainig in, for my PPL and have still not got the flare correctly. There is a landing lesson on the sim but it is not very relaistic as the program keeps the wings level and trying to do that in a cross wind for real is much harder..

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