setting user defined waypoints in FS 2004

tardius Guest

I am unable to set a user defined waypoint for a field in the Soloman Islands. The reference is S9* 49.15' E160* 10.93'.
Can anyone give me the secret. I've tried following the instuctions with no success.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I think you can only set waypoints if they they are in the main fs program
I dont know of a way of add more Dont Know

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

You can add a custom waypoint but It's not easy. Go to the Learning Center within flight simulator. Click on Flight Planner. Go to [Editing Flight Plans]. Scroll down to [Creating custom waypoints in flight plan files]. It explains how to edit the (.PLN) flight plan file to add your waypoint. You can't add a waypoint using just the GPS. Maybe in Flight Simulator X. 🙂

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